Tracking and Focusing

I have my camera up and running but it only locates the light if it is within 2 feet. Also, once it finds the light, it pans slightly to the left of it and can’t track the light when I move it. Is this just a focusing problem?

Have you tried to track with the pan and tilt servos hooked directly to the camera control board using the LabVIEW GUI? To do this, you need to hook the camera directly to the computer using the standard serial port connector, then open the CMU_Demo (you can find it here). You should try to grab a frame and check if the image is out of focus.

If this is not the issue, you may need to check you calibration values or reverse the pan servo. To reverse the servo refer to the CMU_Cam workbook (you place a jumper). If this works, it will have to be reversed in the code for the robot (as this controls the servos directly). Search around the forums for instructions on this switch and finding and applying calibration values. The camera workbook can also solve many issues.