Tracking Different Colors

Several weeks ago my team had our camera up and running on our kitbot, and now both our main bot and our practice bot are both almost to the driveable point, and this coming tuesday we want to do a presentation to a group that could potentially be a source of some serious cash.
It sounds easy, but the plan is to have one robot use a camera to chase the other, and for some reason we cannot just screw one of our vision targets to the get chased bot.
So my question is how do I set the camera up to look for colors other than those the program is set up for? Right now we are looking at using red butcher paper that is almost the same color as the red target, so can I just calibrate the camera for the paper, then enter that as the red value when I initialize the camera? Any help would be greatly apreciated,

WRONG Team 1430

That should work… I did it with yellow paper, because we didn’t have yellow paint.

Yeah it sort of worked. Not perfectly, but then again tracking the actual target wasnt working perfectly either.