Tracking in HyperTerminal

I have question on how to get the CMUcam2 to track within the hyper terminal window. If anyone knows please give me a post

I’m working from memory, but it should be:

SM 15
ST RedMinValue RedMaxValue GreenMinValue GreenMaxValue BlueMinValue BlueMaxValue

SM enables the camera-based servo control
ST sets the color to track (optional, you can use the same parameters with the TC command, but this is nice if you repeatedly start and stop tracking
TC starts tracking the color

We got the camera to track with the commands :
cr 18 32
cr 19 32
sm 15

This basically simulated demo mode but we can’t get it to track a color.
The commands we have tried to track a color is:
cr 18 32
cr 19 32
sm 15
tc 150 240 90 150 16 30
if anyone could tell what to do or what i am doing wrong please post a reply