Tracking Line Material

Are the tracking lines made of the retroreflective material supplied in the kit or are they just plain grey tape?

From what I understand, plain old gray tape, maybe not duct tape though haha

I believe they said it was 2" gaffer tape.

The most specific references I can find are “2-inch wide grey gaffers tape” on “carpet (S&S Mills, Sequoia 20 Oz. Level Loop Pile, Color: Ground Pepper)”.

It is a reflective tape.

I have not figured out a dealer yet. Please post if you get that figured out.

Ed, on Page 5 of 9 in section 2 (the Arena) it states

TRACKING LINES are marked on the carpet with 2-inch wide grey gaffers tape
Where did you get the reflective tape info??

I think the material should be clarified, down to a specific model. The tracking lines are an essential part of the field and we need to tune the sensors to that material.

The color “grey” looks pretty consistent from a variety of different suppliers:

Also, Your school’s theater or fine arts department may have some on hand you can use.

Can any team confirm that the sensors respond to tape of any color?

Also, the reflective material is part # GP010 in the kit of parts, listed as “Glass bead sew on reflective tape, 50 mm wide, 1 ft length.” Is this tape for the vision targets?

EDIT: The Vision Targets Tutorial on the FIRST website indicates that the vision targets are indeed made out of this reflective tape.

I obviously didn’t read the manual.

The part number of the tape is on the back of the 3’ sample. Then I googled around and then contacted the manufacturer and they got back in touch with me. I was trying to source the material.

I was thinking it was for the floor marking but it really looks like it is for the target and plain old 2" gaffers tape is the floor marking.