Tracking Reflective Tape


I am trying to find a good camera to use for tracking the reflective tape in the arena. I found a camera that might be a good choice, it is the AXIS m1054. I could use advice on whether my team should order that camera. The other thing I am asking is where to find the angel eyes to put around the camera. Last year I saw a lot of teams using that technique and my team wants to be able to use that technique as well. The problem is where do I order those LED lights?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. If you have any other ideas, my team would be happy to hear them.

According to the documentation, the FRC software has been checked to work with the Axis 206 (discontinued), M1011 (discontinued) and M1013.

The ring lights many teams use are from

In my experience the Black Circuit lights are brighter and not much more expensive so that’s what I recommend.

Thank you for your input! I will let the rest of my team know.

I should have linked to the documentation I was referring to:

Setting up your camera
Vision Processing section