Tracking- Ultrasonic, or Camera?

I was wondering, has anybody used the ultrasonic sensor for tracking purposes, and if so, is it more or less efficient, harder or easier to program, than the camera?

What do you want to track? Distance to a goal? Distance to a wall?

An ultrasonic sensor will give only distance. A camera can give distances and much more, but is significantly harder to program.

We’re thinking distance to a goal. We were wanting to maybe have a light light up when the ultrasonic sensed the goal in a certain range. We are also wanting to just get camera feedback so we can eyeball it as well.

Most of our programmers, including myself are rookie programmers. We were considering ultrasonic because we don’t know if we can figure out camera in time.

If you can access the cRIO and sensors, you should look at some of the examples for each and see if you can use what they return.

Greg McKaskle

By mounting the ultrasonic on a servo, direction becomes available.

Last year’s Good Idea that would have won an engineering award (given that the winner used the ultrasonic like we did, without the servo for a search capability) if more than one of the kids who talked to a Judge had known about it :frowning:

There’s a team prep lesson in there…