Hi there. Id like to know if someone could help me to start tracking, cuz I neither anybody in my team knows how to do its programming in LabView. If you could send us an exemple of it, we`d be greatful.

By tracking, do you mean vision tracking for the boilers and pegs?


Go to the LAbVIEW start screen, on the left there should be a tab that says Tutorials. Click that, the tutorials you need should be linked in the center column.

Ive already tried to look at the tutorials, but they didnt help me.

You can go to ‘Help’ > ‘Find Examples’ > 'Vision` and you should see examples for this year.

You can also use GRIP on the driver station to do the vision processing and publish to NetworkTables, or generate code to run on a co-processor like a raspberry pi.

Here are some threads that may help you on your way…