Traction contron w/ multichannel PID control

Has anyone used the with arrays? I’ve written it in my traction control code but it won’t even deploy to the cRio for testing. Below is the error message:

PIDNChSetMemory:E on RT Target device.
LabVIEW: Failed to load shared library lvpidtkt.out:
PIDNCh:E on RT Target device.

Can anyone help? How am I suppose to use a PID with four process variables (readings from 4 encoders used as counters to measure wheel spin)?

Use 4 separate PID loops?

We encountered the same problem.
I do not know the cause, but for some reason, the advanced PID function for arrays didn’t give us an error.
If you give it the same inputs and leave everything else at default, it should function similarly… I think.