Posted by “MOE”, Coach on team #88, TJ2, from Bridgewater-Raynham Reg. High School and Johnson & Johnson .

Posted on 4/17/99 6:40 PM MST


For all of those who are looking for MOE’S exclusive
signed socks AND ‘more’ you must show up at team 88’s
pit area. Look for me (as if you can miss me). I will
be willing to trade and sign these items for your team
shirts in return. Hope this will bring you by to get
a TJ2 pin, have some fun, and meet our team. We are
looking forward to this great competition with all the
competitors from the FIRST PROGRAM.

ATTN: Chief Delphi
I am looking forward to trading one of my new items for
two or three of your new ones Mike! ha ha ha See you
there in the warm state of FL. Rest up. It is hot
and about 94 today. We should have a great time
together. Looking forward to seeing you and Team 47
again. Pack your bags. See you in a couple of days.


Posted by Vinny Buchemi, Other on team #386, The Cats, from Lyman Hall and CYTEK.

Posted on 4/17/99 7:23 PM MST

In Reply to: TRADE ITEMS–EXCLUSIVE–MOE’S SIGNED SOCKS & MORE posted by on 4/17/99 6:40 PM MST:

Hey MOE,

    I will trade you some of my socks for some of yours. Mine are

special socks, first of all they are antique used ones. Secondly they
are church-going socks; they are very HOLEY! and finally I really need yours
because these are my only ones.



Posted by mike aubry, Engineer on team #47, Chiefs, from Pontiac Central.

Posted on 4/17/99 10:16 PM MST

In Reply to: TRADE ITEMS–EXCLUSIVE–MOE’S SIGNED SOCKS & MORE posted by on 4/17/99 6:40 PM MST:

Hi Moe,
I’m happy to know that you have created your own trading post, with socks being your specialty! I know that I’ll be wearing the pair I got from you last year - I just hope that you bring enough to keep all of these new fans of yours from going away with only one of a matching pair! Hey, maybe thats not sucha bad idea - only trade em one this year and make them come back next year for the other! Stay cool in the heat and sun, you know it could cause havoc to an old guys body! Opps - sorry about that, your not really that old! See ya in Florida - I leave in 3 days! WOW, WDW here we come! By the way, Best of Luck to TJ2 (one of my favorite teams!) Mike A