Trade Kit Skyway 9x2 Wheels


At the Arizona regional out tires got pretty torn up and we would like to replace them. We were wondering if any team was not using the Skyway 9x2 wheels included in the kit and would like to help us out or possibly trade for something. If you have these you’d be willing to give (even slightly used is okay) please post here or send me a PM.


Team 696 Circuit Breakers

we have 2

we can give em to you in LA if you want.

IM me if you need them earlier.

thanks for the wheels…

Our Team (940) could use 2 of the Skyways from this years kit, we plan on buying the wheels and not trading, so if you have 2 of those wheels, and are willing to sell PM and we can work somting out. THANKS

P.S. Please list a price you are willing to sell for.

check out the MOE 365 parts network -->
and e-mail Laura Buehler. I’m positive we can hook you up with the skyways as we did not use them on GeroniMOE.

A big thanks to team 968 for the wheels! My team is very appreciative.

Glad we could help! Looking forward to seeing those wheels at LA.