Trade off- Pro / Con

So with some time to kill and having the 30 pound allowance and seeing all the full court shooters… We have decided to build a blocker for our bot that will start at 54" and can raise up to 84". This system can be removed and attached in less then 5 minutes and we were thinking that the ability to remove and use it as we wish would be valuable.

The negative of adding this system is that we will not be able to go under the tower anymore.

Its has become a pretty good debate on our team as to what is of more value. Being able to drive under or the ability to block. I like that we will have this option with us at WPI and think it makes us a more desirable possible elimination selection.

What does the community think? Thanks

I think that if you can put it on and take if off in 5 minutes, you should be able to use it as a modular device. Subject to weight limits, of course–but if you inspect with it on, and compete with it off, I don’t think anybody will complain unless there is a hazard with it off that isn’t there when it’s on.

Personally, I think that if you can do it in the way you describe, it will have the effect you think–and if you have the option to go in without it in any given match, so much the better.

If it and the rest of your robot weigh less than 120 pounds, you won’t have to choose! You could adjust the robot according to your specific strategical needs!

EDIT: EricH, you beat me to it.

I would recommend getting good scouting data and only installing this shield when you need it. Get inspected in both configurations, and then slap it on in the right circumstance. Considering you guys floor load, going under the pyramid is essential.

I would bring it to competition just to have, because you never know how the game will turn out. Just because you bring it doesn’t mean you have to put it on the robot. Watch games and see how they are played, and make your decision off what other robots are doing.

But this all depends on how good your shooter is. If you have an accurate shooter and floor pickup I would recommend leaving it off. The 4/5 disc auto is just too good to pass up. However if you don’t have floor pickup or your shooter is less reliable, then I would probably put on the wall.

What ever you do, make sure you sell that you have the option for a 84 inch wall. That could be extremely beneficial for the elimination rounds.

I had to check if you were at FLR first, if you were I was going to say keep it off!!! The last thing my team wants is a tall blocking bot in front of us :wink: Since you aren’t, I agree with everyone above, look at who you are playing. If they are a known full court threat, put it on. If the other alliance seems relatively weak, keep it off! You guys sound like you have an awesome system there!