Trading Jaguars for AM Planetary w/FP motor... need several...

I’ve got up to FIVE brand new/never used BLACK Jaguars to trade for AM Planetaries w/FP 0080-0673 motors…

I need to acquire THREE AM Planetary/FP units

Also, would like to acquire some Fisher Price 00801-0673 motors HAS TO BE this specific FISH motor… not the ones with orange collar (check the side of the motor for model number)

Please call me at 210-858-8575 or email me if you’re interested in making a deal… THANKS!

–Michael Blake

You apparently just missed the AM Planetaries coming back in stock this morning. At least, I got an email from AM about the being in stock again.

Do you absolutely have to have the AM planetary? AM’s CIM-Sim has a similar output at a 5:1 reduction. And Banebot’s CIM-U-LATOR has a functionally identical output at a 2.7:1 reduction.

You might also want to look at Banebot’s RS550 motor. You lose 40 watts and 1400 RPM, but that’s not all that terribly different. We’re grabbing some to use on our shooter as stand-ins for the -0673 FPs until those are available somewhere.

Another option is to switch to Banebot’s RS775-18 motor, you only lose 20 watts at 12V, but the RPMs are down at 13000, so you’d need significantly different gearing.

TL;DR. I wouldn’t count on either of those things being available at any price, given their scarcity. I’d just start making alternate plans with in-stock items.

No, I saw that Kevin… and they’re already gone again

But, what was available for a few hours was the AM Planetary w/o motor and the AM Planetary w/AM motor…

Not what I’m looking for… :wink:

YES. I already have what I need in multiple AM Planetary/FP motor

I just want more to use all-new in our competition bot (“used” kept on the practice bot) and new spares…

I screwed-up and waited too long for my follow-up order… AM cannot represent when/if they’ll be available…

Crickets chirping…

I’m pretty sure the 0673’s came in the 2011 kit with orange collars, are you basing not having orange collars off of how we have orange collars this year as well?

The 0673s definitely have orange collars. So just check the part number to be sure.