Trailer financials for FRC

Our team has used a trailer owned by a supporter for many years. That arraignment will be ending soon (no issues here - our supporters are amazing). We are therefore looking into buying our own trailer. I am reaching out to check our approach versus the great experience on this board.

We have a non-profit 501 Booster Club for the school that handles many of our financials already. Our plan is to have the trailer title in the name of the Boosters, and do annual registrations thru them.

We are trying to figure out what the right approach is for insurance. The trailer would be towed by various parents and or teachers using their private vehicles.

The trailer would be stored at the school, next to the band trailer already stored there.

The trailer would be solely for the use of our two FIRST teams.

Does this approach make sense? Does it match what other teams have done? We are located in Washington state.

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The first question I would ask is how is the band’s trailer currently titled and insured? It seems there is a precedent that the school accepts and following that seems to be the path of least resistance.


Thank you for the comment. I was not complete in my information. The band does have a trailer owned by their booster group, but their booster group is a different organization and legal setup than the general one for the school that robotics is a part of.

So, although we are asking for band experience input, it only partially applies. Our Booster club is not sure that they should be owning the trailer, so I am asking what other teams do.

Having a FRC trailer makes travelling a lot easier!
Key tips: scan your paperwork and put it onto whatever platform you store your data on. Then photo copy it and put it inside the trailer, inside a water proof pouch. Then do that again in a different place in the trailer. Then put another copy in your toolbox. IE, don’t lose things like the title. Its kinda a PITA to fix.

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Our boosters org donates large items to the school, then the assets are insured by the school. You can talk to school admin to see if they expect a certain arrangement.


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