Trailer Help!

Hey people,

  If this has already been posted, my apologies, i could not find it in a general search.
 So here's the thing, we have all this metal stuff laying around, and we just don't know what to use for the trailer hitch. We looked the the game manual for some inspiration, but we had no luck. If any one has a picture or a digram of what their trailer looks like, PLEASE help us! 

Thanks in advance
Team 1779

Section 6 on this page has Official FIRST drawing as well as the cheaper Team Drawings of the field elements such as the trailer.

Hope this helps

Look again at <R18> and your luck should change.

Thanks!! we found those diagrams very useful!

The only thing is if the TRAILER SWIVEL HITCH was provided with the kop or is apart of the ARENA? (GE-09036)

Our kop has pretty much been dissected and no one knows where anything is so we were just wondering.

Thanks again for all of your help!

The Trailer hitch swivel will be provided as part of the competition trailers at each event.

Your team must provide only the Trailer Hitch Spacer (1"x1"x7" x 1/16" wall steel square tube that came in the kit or equivalent) and the Trailer Hitch (C-channel from kit in any of the 3 configurations shown in the latest rev of GE-09040)

cool, thanks people, this was really helpful!