Trailer Hitch Drawing GE-09040

I am looking all over for this, and i cannot seem to find this Drawing

To attach the TRAILER to the ROBOT, TEAMS must use a Trailer Hitch constructed from materials provided in the 2009 Kit Of Parts. Details on the construction of the Trailer Hitch are provided in Drawing “GE-09040.”

I Need a link or something to the Drawing thank you



This drawing is contained in the “2009 Game Specific Drawings” package you can download here

Thank you!

What I can’t figure out is how long the trailer tongue is supposed to be (i.e. how far will the trailer be behind the trailer mount). According to the drawings it seems to be about 14 inches, but according to everyone on here it’s 10".

Am I misreading this?

according to 09040 drawing, it looks like the trailer and the robot will be fixed together so that the trailer will not be movable independently, is that right or I am looking at the wrong drawing?

What you see in the drawing is the hitch that mounts to the robot. The trailers tongue will attach in the middle of the C-channel slot via a 1/4" pin that drops in from the top. The pinned tongue will not be able to move laterally or vertically, but can pivot around the pin in a horizontal plane centered on the pin.