Trailer Tongue? Are they COTS?

Anyone know if the trailer tongue is COTS?
if so, where can I get one
thanks :slight_smile:

From the figure 8-5 in the robot section of the manual, it looks like the Trailer tongue is attached to the trailer and the only thing we have to worry about is the trailer hitch which they gave the necessary pieces for in the kit.

The trailer hitch is part of the kit of parts.

The tounge is made from a piece of 3/4" EMT conduit, at least for the team practice field trailer. From the BOM and drawings for the Team Field Elements.

Hey do you guys know how long the trailer tongue is?

I know that we do not need to supply that for competition, but for practicing purposes.

for estimation purposes only, I’ve been using 10" as the tongue length.

It’s a 20" beam with approx. 10" within the hexagon and another 10" protruding out.

For a better (more accurate) number, it is all detailed in the package of drawings … start with the 0900 drawing and drill down from there.