Training and Reference Resource Collaboration?

We’re looking into plans for training our new members, which will probably involve working on a comprehensive java and robot training, resource, and convention site. This seems like it would be redundant since I would expect like every team to need something like this. I’m wondering if you all know of any similar projects we could use and contribute to or if any teams are interesting in partnering with us to do it. Thanks!

There’s always the official guides on screensteps

There’s always the official guides on screensteps

Can those be contributed to externally? Anyway, they don’t quite fit into the scope of what I’m talking about.

Would love to get involved i have set up a trello for this the we can eventually move to an actual website here is the link to join anyone can contribute

Would love to get involved

Great! Want to schedule a meeting at some point? I’ve also head some interest from 5924’s lead programmer. (Also, should we transition to DMs/ emails?)

We’re finally getting to work on this. Any other takers?

I might be interested, but the scope of your project seems somewhat undefined and vague. Do you have an outline of specific topics that you’re planning to cover?

This project sounds interesting but also really similar to ProgrammingDoneRight located here on github. We have it so that it is not just Java, but C++ and Python as well. It’s open for anyone to contribute so you can just create a pull request and it will be reviewed. Like Brennon said, your scope is really vague but if its very similar to ProgrammingDoneRight, you could contribute to it as it already has some resources and explicit examples on how to code for FRC and we are working on expanding it more.