Training Curriculum from other teams?

Our team is wanting to implement a training curriculum. Are there any teams who have shared theirs on theirs websites? We would like to pull from many resources in order to fit our needs. I have found Team 624’s and FIRST Badges, and those look really great. We’ll definitely be pulling from those. Are there any others that would be good for us to take a look at?


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Spectrum has posted metric tons of information on their website.


Feel free to take a look through my Programming Resource Compendium. Plenty of resources from various teams, including several video series and curricula.

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… and funny enough, this was just posted to CD as well: 4272 Class Curriculum

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RJK12 Series Overview DRAFT 2020 April 01.pdf (112.0 KB)

The current version of the training framework I use for my team is attached. It’s all a work in progress, and some sections are in rougher shape than others. I’ve been using some of this unexpected spare time to do a lot of content writing.

Edited to add: The framework doesn’t provide much in the form of lesson content, but I like it for organizing thoughts on what to teach.


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