Training Images Needed of Vision Target Tape

For season, my team has been working on computer vision to recognize the target tape as well as the balls. Right now we are using openCV to filter the image and detect contours, this works but it is very resource intensive.

Right now I’m looking to a machine learning type solution that will be trained to recognize the tape seen above the goals. However, to train it, I need a bunch of images of the tape from different angles and distances (bright lighting like at competition only). If anyone has a testing field set up or any type of testing goal with tape for the 2019 season and could send pictures that would be great.

Once I get some images I’ll combine them into a zip folder and add a download link here

Thanks for your help, any pictures would be great

Take a video of what you need and move around to get different angles and distances. Once you got your videos, separate them into individual frames and use them as your pictures. This is probably the fastest way to get pictures

We don’t have a training field. We have some tape on a piece of poster board but I need something more realistic. I found some images here but they are all too dark. I think they are used with limelight. (249.5 KB)

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