Training Modules

One of our mentors would like to set up training modules for each of the various subteams. These would consist of a combination of video, powerpoint, hands on teaching, tests. An example would be Module 0 would be Safety, Module 1 for mechanical might be Materials, Module 2 might be Drilling. Module 1 for Electrical might be Wire Gauges, and Module 2 might be Soldering, and so forth.

Has any team does something similar to this? If so, is it something they are willing to share?

Thank you.

MOE has a program called MOE University (MOEU), which starts in September and meets once a week until kickoff. The various subteams meet separately to learn the basics and practice the necessary skills. There is also a week where the mechanical students are tested in order to be certified on the more dangerous machines, and modules for the entire team on safety and brainstorming.

Below is the web page with more details, including some presentations for some of the basics. Feel free to use!

We have also arranged with a local community college to give up to eight credits (at no cost) to students who complete two years of MOEU and the build season. Which are transferable to other colleges, which many of our alum have done.

Here is a link to my team’s 2013-2014 Electrical training presentations. Feel free to modify them however you want!

There’s a ton of presentations from SRS on the GoFIRST website. You may also try emailing those who presented or those who will present at MN Splash. Some of these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, but there’s still a ton of info that can be adapted to suit your needs.

Outside of that, it probably isn’t in time for your needs (and you may consider it too far), but River Rendezvous down in St. Peter will have a bunch of presentations from basics to more advanced subjects in mid-November (don’t worry it doesn’t interfere with your MRI event!). A side idea: you could try getting teams to do some learning-based presentations there-- it’s quite beneficial down in St. Peter, and the worst that could happen is nobody goes to them. Just an idea though.

My team has been working on something similar (except it’s blended into our fall-build event), and I’ll be happy to share those when we’re done.

Commenting so I can go back over these cause this look like this will be super helpful.

Here you go—right on the FIRST website…