Training Roadmap

During this off season, I have taken upon myself (as an Engineer) to begin outlining and formally document training plans and roadmaps for my team.

Among the items I am assembling are:

Basic Requirements Gathering
Basic Six Sigma Training
Basic Inspection Training

Additionally I am looking to see what other teams are doing.

So let me know and lets see if we can develop a training program that will help all of FIRST.

We just started our machine shop training for returning members and mentors.

We’re working on a lot of mini-projects (refurbishing prior year robots).

This leads us into some preliminary CAD training, since the students have to generate the drawings for the things that we are building.

At the recent ASEE Annual Conference, there were a bunch of ideas about team-building exercises. We’ll start team-building in the Fall.

Could you elaborate on your three bullets (requirements gathering, six sigma, inspection) with a list of topics that you are covering?

Training you say?

well since my team has been inactive for 2 years (at least in official competition) we have been training the team so that way we will be ready when we become an official team. These training activities have included

modifying our 2001 robot to play the 2002 game
building a robot (from scratch) that had to open a door
modifying our 2000 and 2001 robots to play the 2003 game

all of those robots were designed and built entirely by students, no engineers. They all met as many regulations as possible (obviously, we didnt have 2002 or 2003 parts, so somtimes we had to use parts not in the kit, i.e. we dont have any 120amp circuit breakers for 2003, so we used 60 amp)

these activities work really well. They are worth a try (and they keep old bots form collecting dust)

Reading these items has made me think some. I need to broaden the items I was planning.

Need to add CAD items, and electrical.

Thanks for the input so far.

Tutorials in animation, web design and HTML, and programming in PBASIC could all be useful.