Training Season

Hi all!
I’m a part of the electrical subgroup on my team and I’m working on the training schedule for next fall and I was wondering what other teams do? Specifically what sort of activities/projects does your team work on? In the oast their has been a lot of lecturing but I’m looking for more hands on activities for people to work on. Ideas?
Thanks :slight_smile:

What is an oast? #SPELCHEKB4UPOAST

Our plan for offseason is to get middle schoolers and underclassmen involved via a summer camp, where we plan to build a 2013 Ultimate Ascent bot from scratch, after going through the basics.

I started looking in the White Pages and found the following:

You can get to the White Pages on the left side of the portal all the way at the bottom of the list. You can do a search for keywords once you’re on that page.

That’s actually really helpful. Sharing with leaders and mentors!

2013 Ultimate Ascent or 2014 Aerial Assist?


lol goddangit. Add me to the list of people who mix the two all the time. Edited