I want to get my team watching some training videos over xmas break to prepare them for Kick off. Does anyone have a link to some good videos I could pass onto my team to watch.

Videos like… Drive train Design , 2015 Electrical components, Programming in Labview, General Robot design, FRC team information, robot fabrication, etc. etc etc…

Thanks for all your help. I have been searching youtube and found some, just wanted to see if there were other teams have been using.


Bluejacket Robotics

They’re a bit dated, but there are some presentations on the AndyMark wobsite.

Thanks for the help and we will put those to use. Are there any videos. Heaven forbid a kid would have to read :slight_smile:

Bluejackets Robotics

I’ll see if anyone recorded the FIRST Forums this year at Purdue. If they did then there will be presentations for all aspects of robots.

973 has some great videos in their RAMP Series -

1114’s Simbot Seminar Series - Are some of the most informative FRC training videos put out in a long time. Tons of good knowledge.

Behind the Lines is another great series produced this year by FRC and Gamesense

Here are some great presentations from the 2013 Michigan Champs. Paul and Jim’s are fantastic.

3476 has some good cRio and electrical videos, and basic machining tutorials.

There are also a number of presentations from the Oregon teams from our annual FIRST Fare:

IT has a number of both advance and beginning topics.


Team 1266 pit perspective is good (not technical ) +1 simbotics. FRC game sence behind the lines. Is good FRC team1718 (fighting pi) have some … all on youtube

Thanks for your help. Great info here.

The best video’s I’ve seen were the ones from the Simbotics.
They have done several online seminars covering almost all basic subjects involving FRC.
Here is one for the drive train design:

You can always check out the other Simbotics seminars aswell if you want more info on stategy design, the new controle system, scouting or chairmans for example.

Another good introduction set of seminars were provided by Behind the Lines. Here is one that covers all the basic knowlage that every FRC team needs:

They to have several seminars covering several topics.

With these to seminar sets combined you should have plenty of preperation vídeo’s to get your team well informed.
Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact me and I will try to help you out the best I can.

Greetings from team 4481 - The Rembrandts

We are just putting the finishing touches on a control system intro. Watch for WildStang video in the coming days.

The video Al was referring to is now up over here.