Training Wheels

I’m curious about opinions on using deployable outrigger wheels on the back to stabilize tall robots for going over and onto the platform. Thoughts?

I have more commonly heard of these called wheeli bars/wheels when out the front or back, and outriggers when off to the sides.

Teams I have worked with have used these in the past several times for robots with high CGs.
2005, with a 8" pneumatic swerve, these were along the side to keep the bot from flipping over.
2008, the bumper extended in the back to act as a wheelie bar. this configuration is illegal due to articulating frame rules now in place.
2015, different team, We built a wide/short bot and had passive drop downs that were very useful. They were a late add on, but really lick passive pieces.

Some items to consider relative to this year: How will driving onto the platform or other teams ramps be impacted realtive to wheelie bars.

If you have a short/wide configuration, I woud highly recommend looking into them further.

If your robot is tipsy, sure why not? If you choose to, it’s better to have a pair spread out as far apart as passable.

I know 126 did this in 2006 to help them get up the ramp. Picture of their bot is on TBA.

I don’t wee why it wouldn’t work.

I assume you’re asking because you need to get onto the platform with your elevator fully extended to climb? If that is why maybe a different climb deployment is the way to go? You know your bot better than me though.

PS Excellent showing in Utah! It was awesome to compete against you guys!

Thanks Thayer, we had a great time too. It’s really a theoretical question, though a wheelie bar off the back could make our climb less exciting, which isn’t a bad thing. We actually have several other things that are higher on our list to change before Denver.