Transcript of Dean Kamen's Launch Speech?

Does anyone know if there is a written transcript available of Dean Kayman’s speech from the FRC 2009 season launch?

NASA had one for a few years back. If you go to their kickoff video archive, there should be a transcript if you poke around.

Edit: “Transcript: Coming Soon”. Watch this space

Thanks for the tip Bongle.

He seemed really really sad like someone died.

Yeah, I agree. A lot of people around me thought he was going to cry. It turned out to be quite an inspirational speech though.

Yeah - Dean is not known for being an energetic speaker, but his message is always profound. We should have fun, learn cool stuff & try to win, but not forget about what is really important in life.

I think Dean Kamen is an awesome guy, but I thought he seemed a little unprepared at first. His message on the other hand was just what everyone needed to hear. Overall, the simplicity and realness of his speech made it great.