Transferring code over to mplab from easyC

During our 10 hr window today i transferred my easyC program into mplab. It was long and tedious, and I’m still working on taking care of " Set PWM". Other than that, everything else has just involved converting everything through notepad to a .c or .h file and then cutting and pasting in the appropiate file of the default code. ( I replaced default_routine with operator control.) I did this because I am tired of dragging blocks, and I think I can handle MPlab. Out of curiosity, does anyone know an easier way to do this?

Also if anyone needs help doing it this way, I am willing to help. Just pm me. If I can ,I’ll help you with just about anything.

If you check the help file there is a C editor built into easyC.

I have been unable to locate it unless your speaking of the conversion into raw code. Also I generally wanted the code to be more universally understood in case I need help during competition.

Just click on the Projects tab. You can convert functions you created to “C” code and you can create .C and .H files and edit them as well.