Transgender and GnC of FIRST: How Can We Support You And Make You Feel and be Safe at Champs?

Hi everyone,

For one, happy Transgender Day of Visibility. To all of the transgender and gender non-conforming participants of FIRST, you are loved, you are valid and the FIRST community does support you.

Now for anyone who is transgender and gender non-conforming, I need your help. I want to know how the community can support you at the FIRST World Championship and how we can continue to make sure that you are safe and feel welcomed. That is why I have created this google form to get your feedback and concerns with champs and figure out ways to support y’all and keep y’all safe.

Google form link here

The Google Form is completely anonymous, and will not collect any data beyond what you choose to share. On top of that, there is an option to not have any of your data or concerns shared publicly and will only be seen by me and any data that is shared will be anonymized to the best of my ability.

On top of all of this, there is an option to have me share any and all concerns about the FIRST World Championship being held in Texas on CD so that you don’t get publicly outed. I understand how much stress it is to be out mentally and I want to be sure that every part of the LGBTQ+ community can be heard without fear of retaliation or being outed.

I personally will be at the FIRST Championship both advocating for all LGBTQ+ students and ensuring that I do everything in my power to keep transgender and gender non-conforming participants safe. I have also set aside some personal money for anything I can buy or do to ensure that the FIRST Championship is a safe and positive environment.

Even after the FIRST Championship, I will continue my advocacy until we can make sure that all LGBTQ+ participants are safe at the FIRST Championship.

Thank you for your time,

Nova R. (Your local themby of chaos)


Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update on some things:

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has filled out the survey so far, it means a lot to me that I’ve gotten so many responses in the little time it has been up. A reminder that this survey is open to everyone to fill out if they have concerns about the FIRST Championship being held in Houston, specifically concerns about LGBTQ+ and transgender participants safety at the event.

Secondly, I am working on getting in contact with other organizations within the FIRST community to keep this movement going. It’s slow progress and I am hoping to have something for 2023 Champs and hopefully even more support during the 2024 champs.

Finally, I want to make y’all aware that the LGBTQ+ of FIRST organization is hosting a meetup/conference at champs called “Building an Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Students”. The current date and time is Thursday April 20th at 11am to 11:45am. They are waiting on FIRST to get back to them to make sure it is happening so I will keep y’all updated with what I can.

Thank y’all so much and have an awesome week 6 if you’re going to an event!

  • Nova R. (Your Local Themby of Chaos)

Correction as I just got word that it had to be pushed back to 12pm to 12:45pm, it is still on Thursday, April 20th and it will be located in room 360AB. Apologies for the misinformation.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey. Your insight has been extremely helpful to figure out the best way to support transgender and gender non-conforming people at the FIRST World Championship. It really means a lot to me to have gotten this many responses so far and kind words inside of the survey. A reminder that you can fill out the survey here if you still haven’t already. Having this data is extremely useful to plan out my advocacy and everything like that.

Having said this, I have gone through all of the data that I have gotten from the survey so far and these are the ways that people have told me we can help transgender and gender non-conforming people be safe and feel safe at the FIRST World Championship.

How to Support LGBTQ+ at the FIRST World Championship

Have your team hang up transgender and LGBTQ+ pride flags inside their pit.

This is an easy and low-cost idea that allows people to show their support for LGBTQ+ and transgender people. Show FIRST that we are here, we are queer and we are going to be vocal about it. Even if you don’t have LGBTQ+ people who are out on your team, still hang those flags high to show that your team is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Keep a resource list for transgender and gender non-conforming students (I have one from the LGBTQ+ of FIRST that is linked below) on hand.

Having this would allow anyone who is questioning their identity to get resources on all of it on top of resources for transgender and GnC individuals who may need support because their parents aren’t supportive. Here is a link to the Google sheet that has everything from crisis hotlines to questioning your identity: [Link]

Promote wearing pronoun badges as normality.

Show that pronouns are something we should care about because they can affect a person’s mental health if they are called by the correct pronouns. Have people on your teams wear them, they should be given out by pit admin at Champs. (This does not mean to out people. If people don’t want to be outed, don’t force them to be out or to come out.)

Hang signs up within your teams’ pit saying that discrimination of any kind is prohibited and/or that their pit is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ people.

Show that your team is committed to making sure that FIRST is a safe and welcoming environment for all, even in hostile states like Texas. Having these signs up says that your team is inclusive of LGBTQ+ identities and that your team will continue to make sure that any LGBTQ+ person can be themselves on the team or even if they are talking to your team.

Continue putting pressure on FIRST via letter drafting and email writing.

Show FIRST that this isn’t a small minority of people that are going to lay down and give up, and that we will continue to fight until transgender and GnC students are safe at the FIRST World Championship.

Spread the Google Form.

The more information and survey answers I get, the better I can understand how we can support LGBTQ+ students, mentors, alumni, and volunteers. We as a community must stand together to support our LGBTQ+ FIRST Community, hear their voices and concerns about FIRST World Championship, and, learn how to support them and make them safe at the FIRST World Championship.

Final Words and Wrap Up

Now on top of all of this, I now own the website This website contains all of my blog posts including a summary on the current state of Texas with the anti-transgender and anti-LGBTQ+ bills and laws they have in their state. I also have a post with all the ways teams can help transgender and gender non-conforming people feel safe at Champs. I will be actively updating that blog post and also this thread on any other information and insight I receive from new responses to the survey.

the website also contains multiple links including a link to LGBTQ+ crisis resources, LGBTQ+ resources, a link to the survey and, a link to the LGBTQ+ of FIRST organization website. The website is still undergoing active changes so do be mindful if any spelling is wrong or anything like that (I am 1 person maintaining this website at the moment).

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this advocacy a reality and to everyone who has expressed support for this movement, the amount of nice comments I’ve gotten has made me happy cry a lot this week knowing that I am making an impact bigger than me. If anyone has any questions or anything like that, shoot me a DM on here and I will answer them as fast as I can.

– Nova Rudy (Your Local Themby of Chaos)


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