Transit of Venus

I know this is a robotics forum, but this is science too :D, sorry guys.

What so special about Venus acrosses the disk of the sun? Well, transits of Venus occur in pairs that are eight years apart, then don’t happen again for more than a century. The last two Venus transits were in 1874 and 1882, so no one alive today has seen one. After transits in 2004 and 2012, there won’t be another until 2117! Half of North America will have a chance to see the tranist. But don’t worry there is also a webcast that you can fiind HERE
Observe sun* when it rises. You may see a black dot in the bottom right corner.

So Get Out There!

For more info:

*WARNING: It is extremely dangerous to obersever the sun with naked eyes. Use #14 welding Lens for eyes and special solar Filter for telescopes

I sure won’t be viewing it live and in person here on the west coast, since it occurs in the middle of the night. I might check out the live webcast of contacts I and II before I go to bed, though.

Rawr. I say “Fo sho!” I’ll be out there with my sunglasses and my kiddie telescope.

Well, I had a great time viewing Veuns as it slowly moving across the sun, but I got 3:30am this morning though. It was worth it. The next one is at June 6, 2012

Clear Sky!

I got this picture from one the guy who was there viewing the transit.

I got to see it for like 5 minutes after sunrise until a cloud cover came. Got a great view with my telescope for those 5 minutes. (yes, it has a filter). The cloud cover killed everything, unfortunately.