Transitioning BBQ FIRST into a Community Project

Almost exactly three years ago, I was a junior in high school when I created BBQ FIRST and posted the link to the website on Chief Delphi.

Since then, the website has been upgraded a few times (adding a search bar, automatic data updates, and other small new features). However, as a sophomore in college, I am not able to maintain the website anymore due to other priorities and obligations.

From the beginning of development, I knew that I would eventually not be in charge of the website. Therefore, BBQ FIRST is open source and the free hosting account is not registered under my personal email address.

I would like to assemble a group of people who can maintain the website and continue improving it in the future. If you are a student interested in web development, data, and/or FIRST in general, BBQ FIRST is a great way to improve in these areas. I personally learned a lot from this project, and I hope you do too. I am also open to mentors/adults helping out, as I realize with students there is an inherent turnover factor.

I don’t know what the kids use these days to talk to each other, but I’ve created a Slack for discussing the website. If you want to join the team, just respond to this thread and I’ll send you a PM.

A brief overview of the responsibilities:

  • Making sure the website doesn’t break
  • Finishing the automatic update features
  • Improving the website and adding new and interesting features

Things you will learn:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • mySQL databases
  • A bunch of other random stuff


  • Notepad++
  • FileZilla
  • Wampserver

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in working on this project, and to anyone that has helped by reporting errors on the website or suggesting features.

I’d be interested in providing some support. I do quite a bit of PHP development professionally.

Hi aryker,
I sent you a PM to provide more information.