Translated the script in the trailer

The script in the teaser trailer is the Aurek-besh alphabet.

This first string says “FIRST CITY”

The blimp sign says “THREAT DETECTED”

The text over the door says “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY”

It’s the trailer. FIRST has only used the teaser to announce the theme of the game, and from a theme perspective, it seems that FIRST have their theme pretty nailed down at this point. Also borderlands-esk rendering seems neat.

I don’t think the trailer has ever been indicative any game mechanic or field design.


also noticed the rebel insignia in the second image


Oh god, are the alliances going to be “rebel” and “imperial” instead of “red” and “blue”?


I don’t think FIRST would name one side after something “evil” but…

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The Empire did nothing wrong.


Are we just ignoring the Wookie slave labor used to build the Death Star?


Should be an interesting game

that would be so awesome! i think if they did tho they would do resistance and first order or jedi and sith to advertise for rise of skywalker

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you must think Thanos did nothing wrong too

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The usage of bb-8/r2d2 in the trailer does bring about some speculation on minibots :thinking:


Here’s the chart of the alphabet if anyone is interested in looking at it themselves:


Whose to say they didn’t use a substitution cipher to add another layer of complexity?

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Well, if you can find a solution, sure

My theory is that it’s gonna be the same game mechanics as 2019, but reskinned. SO
the sandstorm is gonna be a sand planet thing like jakku or tatooine
the space ships are gonna be rebel ships or empire ships
the climb is gonna be like docking your space ship.
I know its stupid but it feels so strange that they’re going from space to starwars, which is just space but cooler and less believable.

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Just a heads up, I think you posted this in the wrong thread

This is what I get for being on mobile and desktop at the same time.


haha nice

Well in past years the trailer gives the games “Storyline” like Deapspace they launched the rocket and in the actual game we helped fill the rockets, this game seems to have the “storyline” of the rebels base being infiltrated by what looks like a star destroyer. Or maybe losing power because of something dark in the sky. So the game could be trying to power the city through like batteries that we have to place or something like that. Just something I thought of!


Well, if they used a substitution cipher there’s a lot of ways to solve that. For Caesar or one time shift, Use key numbers, the year, date of the trailer, year first was made, coordinates of the hoover dam, etc. If it’s a polyalphabetic cipher, use key words or phrases, FIRST, Infinite recharge, Star Wars, Force for change, water game, droids, etc. Then decode from there. But I don’t think there’s a cipher on it

Important numbers to Star Wars/Lucas films/Disney? (I know there would be a lot of numbers if you went down that rabbit hole) but if you had the time I would be curious if anything came up but what you have done is quite a good piece to go off of with the no find.