Translocation (mini-me)

Alright, it’s time for everyone to tip their hands - who’s got a mini-me, or any other means for scoring in your home zone while holding the goal in the goal zone?

Fess up - I know you all thought of it - shall we go over the 500 tether questions asked in the early days of FRCTech?

So tell us the vitals -

What is it?
What’s it weigh?
How far can you reach?
Why won’t you entangle?
I won’t ask for a pic yet, because I haven’t given y’all one, but post it if you want to.

Team 118 has a little aluminum number that has two big wheels and a tail, and pulls an “under-actuated arm” (not a tether) that is made from semi-flexible PVC tubing (or possibly aluminum). We’re using two seat motors to drive the wheels.

We weigh 8.5 lbs, including tether (excuse me, arm), and launching mechanism.

We can reach ~30ft.

We won’t entangle because the tubing is too stiff to be caught up in anything.

So - lets lay those cards on the table, kiddies - what do you have?

Team 116- I’m looking in your direction - I saw those pictures you posted!

Here’s your pic.



Ours should go 32ft in either direction

Geez Verdeyw, you must have seen our “Mouse”! I can practically copy your description and use it as is to describe our solution. At the level of description you provided, the only difference is one seat motor and a servo to drive, and polycarb instead of aluminum. Everything else is the same (even down to the weight!).

Tell Rob Ambrose that he and I still think way too much alike… :slight_smile:


How come nobody sells chicken-flavored bagels?