Transmission CAD

My team is designing a chassis (well i am), and i want to use transmissions that we already own. They are Gen2 AndyMark transmissions (AM-0076). However the CAD I downloaded from AndyMark are a different Part # (They have AM-0957). I need to find the CAD to AM-0076, because both transmissions are diffrent from each other. Does anybody already have these transmissions in CAD? Or know where to find them?

(We have already e-mail AndyMark, if we get a response i’ll be sure to say it)

Try they have a pretty extensive CAD Library.

You also may want to try searching FIRST Robotics CAD Libraries in google

The library should be getting a major facelift and about a grand total of about 600 total parts vs the 300 now. This won’t be done till next year, but its something to look forward to!


Nope. No trannssmission.

Would it be possible to make the new version of side plates and use the old parts? I believe the only thing that changed were the placement of the holes and size of the transmission.