Transmission ratio choices

My team was looking at the andymark site, and we were wondering about which gear ratios were the best for the 2-speed transmissions they offered. The choices were:

24:1 and 9.4:1
30.1:1 and 11.8:1
24:1 and 6:1
30.1:1 and 7.5:1

Now, we figure we have enough torque in any case, but we were wondering about the ratio we should have for our high gear to get a good speed. Any ideas?

You may want to use a tool like JVN’s Mechanical Design Calculatorto help figure out what speed and torque/pushing power will result from each of those ratios.

Then you can hop over to this thread and see what speeds some other teams may be gearing for.

Thank you. I already knew about the speed thread, but the calculator is exactly what I needed. It will help a lot.