Transmission Video

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had a video of an Andy Mark transmission in action, preferably one of the earlier models so that I can see the inner workings. I know technically how it’s supposed to work, but I’d feel a lot better if I could see one moving. :rolleyes:

And also, while I have your attention, I was wondering what everyone thinks about using a transmission for the kicker, since that’s what we’re planning. My biggest worry is that using the shifter so many times could possibly ruin it. I’ve read some people saying they’ve had problems with it, and some people saying they haven’t, so I was hoping to get a better idea for that too.

Thanks for any help.

I remember there being a great CAD cutaway picture on here that showed the shaft, gears, dog, pin, and shifting rod. From back around 2003. It was colored blue, green, orange, etc for the different pieces. Anyone know the picture I mean? I couldn’t find it.

Send Andy or Mark an e-mail (or phone call) and ask them. Nobody knows better what their trans can and can’t be expected to work well as. Try to describe exactly how you’re using it, drawings will help, if you want their best answer.

They are really nice guys and will take some time to answer you.

Yeah, I was planning on giving them a call tomorrow to check on the feasibility. But I’d still really like to see a video or a more detailed picture than the one on their website if anyone has one. I have a feeling if they tried to explain it to me over the phone, I’d just get confused again. Visual learner and all…:rolleyes:

What exactly is it that you are trying to figure out or visualize? Ours and other teams we are friends with are all using shifters in the kicker, if you just ask we’ll be happy to explain the mechanisms at work.

That should do.

I just want to see exactly how the mechanism to shift works. I understand that you have a dog gear that moves along a shaft, disengaging and engaging the gears you want to use. But I don’t really understand how the servo/piston works to do this. I guess what I really need to see is just a video of someone shifting one of them or a picture that makes the system easy to see.

Not exactly, that’s a toughbox. We know how to put those together :rolleyes: But thanks anyways!

Black = actuator

Blue = shifting block. The shifting block houses a bearing and a shaft that connects to your dog gear. The dog has a steel cotter pin going through it that allows it to slide back and forth in the slot in the hex shaft. The dog engages and disengages the drive sprocket (or whatever you’re trying to shift).
That is the shifting block. On the other side is a drilled and tapped hole for your actuator. The shaft that you see has a through hole at the end for the cotter pin.

Hope that helps.

Dog shifter failures of various types aren’t uncommon when the actuator slams the dog hard against the gears. If things are tuned and spaced so that the dog doesn’t quite get pushed all the way, such failures are uncommon.

Thanks a lot everyone! I didn’t realize that other people had actually commented on the thread, as it had disappeared from the front page, so I apologize for not thanking you guys in a more timely fashion. The colored CAD breakup helped a lot, and I think I understand exactly what’s going on now.