transmissions and batteries

does n e one know if they will be available at the competitions, specifically the UC DAVIS COMP?


According to Update 15:

Replacement Parts:
FIRST recognizes that there may be issues at your event in which you may require replacement parts of which you do not have extras. For this reason, we offer a Spares Case at each event. The case is stocked with various items that your team may need in case of an emergency. Some of the items are consumables, but others will not be given out unless you exchange your damaged part for the new part (these parts have the superscript “Exc” after them in the list below).

Other parts are loaned parts and must be returned after the event (notated in bold text with the superscript “Ret” after its name). Teams must have written approval from the event’s Innovation First representative in order to borrow Innovation First items. If these are not returned, FIRST will charge the credit card submitted upon the loan.

The following components may be available at the Spares Case at your event. Please remember that there are limited quantities, and that they are distributed on a first come first serve basis. While FIRST will make every effort to keep the Space Case as fully stocked as possible, we cannot guarantee that every item will always be available. It is incumbent upon each team to obtain and bring any spare/replacement parts that may be critical to the operation of their robot, and only rely upon the Spares Case as a resource of last resort.
120A circuit breakersExc Denso motors, R or LExc Norgren relief valvesExc
20A breakersExc end anchors Nylon washers
30A breakersExc end barriers Operator InterfacesRet
40A breakersExc FESTO valvesExc Parker cylinders (2006)
6 AWG Wire, black FisherPrice motorsExc pivot bracket setsExc
6 AWG Wire, red Globe motorsExc pneumatic tubing
9-pin cablesExc Keyang couplersExc Radio modemsRet
AM battery plugs Keyang motors, R or LExc Robot ControllersRet
backup batteries/chargersExc latex tubing red terminal blocks
BaneBots gearmotorsExc lead screwsExc solid state relays
BaneBots motorsExc LEDsRet rod/clevis kitsExc
Battery connectorsExc Lg muffin fansExc SMC double valveExc
bearingsExc Loctite SMC fittings
black terminal blocks Mabuchi motorsExc SMC single valveExc
brass fittings microswitchesExc Spike relaysRet
carrier plates (transmission) ExcMini muffin fansExc Teflon tape
center jumpers Monnier regulatorsExc tie wraps, 4"
CIM keys Nason pressure switchExc vibration isolators
CIM motorsExc Norgren bracket VictorsRet
Clippard tanks Norgren gauge WIKA pressure gaugeExc
Denso couplersExc Norgren regulator

More details on exactly what you need would be helpful. FIRST will have spares of certain parts available, as noted in Update 15. Entire 52mm BB transmissions don’t look to be available, though the carrier plates will be on an exchange basis. However, you’re somewhat likely to find other teams there with entire unused BB 52mm transmissions. Definitely no batteries of any type, though.

alright great! thanks for the help guys.

The list quoted above includes backup batteries.

I believe FIRST does plan to keep a handful of charged main batteries standing by for the final matches of the elimination rounds. At the Boilermaker Regional, they lent two of them to team 1872, “Yellow Fever” from Puerto Rico, because the team was not permitted to ship their batteries.

Indeed, FIRST keeps a few batteries on the truck for international teams that can’t ship them. They see action a few other places as well, mostly as emergency batteries in finals matches and the occasional 6:00 AM morning news show.

(For the morning show, they were originally going to have us run on our own batteries. But since we couldn’t go into the pits, that would require us to keep a competition battery off of a charger overnight–so they opted to bring out the international batteries. Good thing, too–we were already dropping the robot off at the field the night before with about thirty seconds until pit closing.)