Transmitting from the Microcontroller Module

I am a complete newbie to VEX and easyC, but I have experience with embedded systems and robotics.

Problem: I have extra transmitters/receivers that I would like to hook up to the robot in order to relay signals over long distances, as well as to receive information back from the robot.

  1. Does anyone know of an easy way to hook up the transmitter to the microcontroller module?

  2. Does anyone know of an easy way to transmit from the VEX microcontroller module using easyC?

  3. If not, what about a way without using easyC?

  4. Any other ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



No definite answers, but some things to think about.

  1. Depends upon the transmitter - what kind of input does it expect, does it process it, etc. If it expects digital data, then use a digital output to send what you want. If it’s an analog transmitter, you need to use some kind of scheme to send digital data, 'cause the vex controller has no analog output. IF you’re talking about Vex transmitters, you’d have to hack in to it to get anything to work, as the only inputs are mechanical…

  2. Depends on ‘easy’. Short answer: No. You have to do it the brute force way: Send this code to mean this (and explicitly define the code), that code to mean that. Make up your own code - maybe gain some efficiency - or use something like ASCII for compatibility. I bet you could send morse code at 20 words per minute easily enough.

  3. You can also use other languages (C I think) which may have more I/O felxibility. Easy C is somewhat limited, with no ability (that I have found) to call subroutines and other advanced structures. Finding something taht will compilke for the processor that includes serial I/O routines would be valuable for you.

I don’t think you’d be able to figure out the programming port protocol to make use of it.

Good luck, let us know how you make out.