Transparent sticker printer paper?

How do you guys print your sponsor logos on transparent sticker sheets?

Can you link me to some good ones?


Depending on who the sponsors are, I’d suggest maybe contacting them and trying to get official stickers. 100% of the logo’s on our robots are stickers given to us for free from the sponsors.

Due to trademarks most companies are very specific regarding the colors, fonts, and other parts of their logos. For that reason as the previous poster said it may be best to contact them and see if they can provide you with an pre-printed logo.

One of our sponsors is/was (we had a few :rolleyes: lol) a printing company. So that is another way you could get stickers/signs. Maybe for free or on discount.

Google it.

Avery Inkjet 8.5 x 11 Clear Sticker Paper … about $2. per sheet.

Go to an office supply store and ask for clear full-sheet labels. They may have laser-compatible ones as well. An alternative would be the overhead transparency sheets and some spray adhesive.