Transporation from Michigan to Houston for Pit and Robot

Team 1718 is planning on traveling to Houston this year for the world championship. We have secured the use of a semi with trailer, and can support either 3 or 4 additional teams worth of equipment. The only thing we ask is that you split the cost of the gas with us (we will pay for the truck and driver and our share of gas). If interested, sent me a message and we can discuss it further.

Good luck and happy robotting!

Team 1718


Brilliant idea!


This is an awesome offer from the Pi.

But wouldn’t this be even better to offer to our lower resource teams that don’t know they actually have a chance to go to world until the state tournament is over and then have no idea how they can actually arrange to get their stuff down there?

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Last year, FIM provided crates for both robots and tools so that teams can pack up right at the end of the State Champs. The problem is that the bigger teams have larger pits and displays that won’t fit into those crates. So I think in this case the less fortunate teams are better off taking advantage of what FIM does, and then we can offer our trailer to those that can’t work with the crates.

Of course, this is assuming FIM will be supporting teams in the same way. I haven’t heard one way or another. Our impact team did discuss the best use of the trailer. Thanks for the input!


DM sent

dm sent

Thanks everyone - we’ve got an inbox overflowing already. I’ll update it here if enough people drop off the list to open up a spot.

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As far as I know, crates won’t be provided at states again this year. The only reason they were last year is because of the 2-3 day turnaround before robots needed to be in Houston (which won’t be an issue again this year).

That’s unfortunate. It was a fantastic service, especially for less advantaged teams who didn’t know they qualified until literally that day.

Is there any room left in your truck???

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Yes we filled it. We had 14 responses in the first 20 minutes!

Can I ask how much it was to hire the truck? With so much interest and so many coming from various parts of MI it makes sense someone think about organizing logistics better. Maybe put together a website.

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I’d like to get the cost estimate too. We are only one event in so I have no idea if we’ll qualify, but it’s a great idea to try and share the cost.

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