Transport Configuration: Question

Rules G10 and G11 Reference the assembling and disassembling of a robot into and out of transport configuration before and after matches. We know that we can take appendages off of our robot and put them on.

While they are off, I would assume, but am unsure, that they have to be in compliance with the Trans. Con. Dimensions of 28/42/78 (So essentially your robot and all parts added or removed when off of the field have to be able to fit into a box this size.) Can someone validate that?

This would mean that any horizontal extensions that are not telescoping, cranked, etc., but were instead rigid would have a maximum length of 78 inches due to the height dimensional restrictions while carrying them off field even if not used as a height piece to be used on the robot. Is that correct? Do I need to clarify?

Essentially, you cant carry around a pole in greater length than 6 feet 6 inches and bolt it onto your robot.

Correct except the maximum length would actually be:
due to being able to use the diagonal length from opposite corners

Yes, all parts of the robot must fit within the Transport Configuration of 28"x42"x78". You can use items to secure parts together to ensure they fit and stay in the Transport Configuration (i.e. zip tie one mechanism to another, this was shown as an example in the field videos).

Ah, true true. Good catch.

Could you tweak these Specifications? or is it impossible to have a Square chassis for the robot larger than 28" by 28"?
such as having a 29" by 41" base for example? as long as the Transport configuration does not excede a 70" perimeter?

No this would not be legal. It does not say anywhere in the rules that it is based on perimeter. It says that it must fit in the listed size.

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Well, this is a theory, but could this year be the return of the flop bot? It would afford you a little bit more space I suppose.

if i knew what a flop bot was i suppose

Flop Bot: Reference 16 (2008), 67 (2004, 2005), and 71 (2002). Robot that starts on one “end” and falls over to get to its primary drivetrain (and a very large base) when the match starts.

Also see for a better description.