Transport configuration transition violating G5/G6?

R3’s extra info says this:

Size constraints specified in part B may be met with additional aids such as bungee cords, minor disassembly, etc., provided transition from/
to the TRANSPORT CONFIGURATION does not risk violation of other rules, particularly G5 and G6.

G5 and G6 say this:

Only one ALLIANCE member may be in each HUMAN PLAYER ZONE at a time.
VIOLATION: FOUL. Additional FOUL for each TOTE entered onto the FIELD while in violation of this rule.


A single ALLIANCE member may not be in contact with both a TOTE and the CHUTE DOOR simultaneously…

Which seems like a bit of a non-sequitur.

I’m guessing that “G5 and G6” reference may have been meant for some other rules, such as G8:

DRIVE TEAMS may not leave items other than their ROBOT on the FIELD.
VIOLATION: The MATCH will not start until the situation is corrected

and G9:

DRIVE TEAMS may only bring hand tools, including battery-operated hand tools, onto the FIELD to configure or disassemble
their ROBOTS.
VIOLATION: At the discretion of the Head REFEREE, the DRIVE TEAM will be reminded of the requirements of this rule. However,
if egregious or repeated, YELLOW CARD.

I’m trying to understand what you’re saying.
Are you saying that Rule R3 contradicts G9?

I’m sure it should have referenced G10 and G11. Blue boxes under those rules reference to/from the TRANSPORT CONFIGURATION. There will likely be a technical correction coming.

I’m saying that G5 and G6 appear to be fairly irrelevant to R3, and G8 and G9 (edit: or G10/G11 as GaryVoshol suggests) look like better matches. I can’t really see the in-game human player positions being relevant to the pre-match configuration of the robot, unless I’ve missed something.

Basically, this seems like a typo and I’m looking to see if other people agree or if I’m missing something that makes G5 and G6 relevant to R3.