Transportation in STL?

I’m a ref, and staying at the Drury Inn across the street from the convention center. IIRC, last year FIRST had a shuttle service contracted that we could get a discount on. Does anyone know of a similar arrangement this year, or is it just way too early to be thinking about it?

Why do you need a shuttle? The shuttle last year only ran from the site of the FTC event to the convention center (about a 15-20 minute walk if you didn’t want the shuttle. And if it wasn’t raining.) . There is also a good metro system that you can use to get around town and also to/from the airport.

The only discount I remember was on an unlimited metro pass. Which only paid off if you needed the metro to get from your hotel to the dome.

While it does seem too early to be thinking about it, I’m wondering where you want to go that would require a shuttle as well.

It was like one of those airport shuttle van thingys. I guess that I could take hte Metrolink, but the door to door service was pretty great :). Though with that hotel the Metrolink is pretty much door to door.

Yeah, I take the train from the airport. It’s really convenient.