Transportation to Atlanta

Hi SE Michigan teams,

Like last year, not expecting to qualify for Atlanta, we did not make any travel arrangements to go there. Team 33 gave us a ride there on their bus since they had a few open seats. We had a small team last year, but we have a much bigger team this year. I don’t have a firm count yet but we will probably have 20-25 people travelling. We are planning on not staying in downtown hotels.

We are wondering if any SE Michigan team would like to share a bus with us. It is more fun to travel with another team and it will be cheaper for both teams. If you already have a bus and is only partially filled or if you can upgrade to a bigger bus and can accomodate us, please reply here or PM me. Thanks.

Team 1918 is in a similar situation. We have looked into some some motor coach options but didn’t finalize anything. We would be interested in sharing transportation with anyone that is interested. We probably have 35 people going.

It might even be feasible to travel with a SE MI team if we could arrange to swing through the area on our way south.

Please reply or PM me if interested.

Hi Wayne,

Team 2834 is waiting to find out how many we will have traveling on the bus to Atlanta. I am thinking close to 25 but have an email out to students and parents so we can plan for this. Maybe we can work something out btwn our teams.

Stacie Rein