Transporting Robot

So my team is leaning towards using a school bus to move all our stuff to competition and back. Is there enough space on a school bus to fit robot and 2-3 tool carts? Did any of you who use school buses have to modify the bus to fit all these?


Before we got our trailer we used a school bus. The way the seats were situated in the back and given the size of our robot from year to year sometimes we put the robot on the bus and sometimes in a mentors minivan or small truck. But using a regular school bus wasn’t ideal for our needs.

When we could we would have the school system send us one of the longer handicap buses as we could fit almost everything on one because of the open space in the back for wheelchairs. The buses chair lift also made it much easier to load things like the robot,robot cart and parts boxes and battery cart.

We only use a school bus now to transport students/mentors as we have a team owned trailer which one of our mentors pulls with his truck. About the only thing we might put on the bus is something that is too long for the trailer.