Transporting the Robot

Does anyone know why UL does not recommend calling “ROBOT” anymore when transporting the robot?

I haven’t heard anything official, but it’s probably because many people were very annoyed with the constant shouting of “ROBOT!”

Many good reasons were presented in this thread last year.

Thanks for the reply. I understand the controversy, but is it official? My safety captains got dinged by the safety inspectors for this question.

There is no rule that says you cannot yell robot when in transit so I don’t see what they could have called you out officially for.
That is not to say I support the behavior. What do you mean dinged?

Did you ask them for their reasoning?

Also relevant to safety advisors:

It’s implied by section 4.2.2. of the Administrative Manual. Commenting on that in the December 12, 2014 FRC Blog, Frank says “…stop yelling ‘Robot’ to let others know you have a robot on the move. Please.”