Traveling from CT to Rukus?

In some of the other threads about Ra Cha Cha Rukus I saw that some people from Connecticut were making the nice 5-6 hour trip out to Rochester this coming weekend. I am also planning on attending and thought I would post to see if anyone from the area would like to caravan or even carpool out to the event. I just remember going to events with 4 big guys in a Saturn and thought maybe I could relieve someone of those leg cramps and make someone’s whole weekend enjoyable (Because I know the event is going to be awesome!). I’m planning on leaving Friday 2-3pm from the Hartford area and returning on Sunday. Send me a PM or even post here if you want to carpool/caravan.


i know of possibly two people who would love a ride. i shall call them and make sure the get in contact with you. from team 176.

Make sure any of you who are traveling and will have the time volunteer !!

The trip from CT shouldnt be too bad… we had to take 5 of us back from Bash in my 2 door civic, and we survived! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you Eric!! :slight_smile: