Traverse City District 2010

Great tournament, TC!

Code Red would like to thank the event organizers and volunteers for putting on a wonderful event. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the competition and appreciate the hard work involved with the planning, set-up and tear-down of the event. We saw Raptors from Team 1711 working their tails off all over the place, and appreciate the great volunteers supplied by each team.

Our team members had a great time at the venue, and were honored to have such great alliance partners. It was a blast working with our friends from Holland Christian, and we just love the Captains of team 3098. We certainly did have some interesting matches together!

Thanks for your work, TC.

Question: Does anyone from TC have the URL of the photographer’s gallery? Somehow, out of the hundreds of those little green pieces of paper that we all got, none made it home with us in a findable location, and I’d really like to see his coverage of the event.


(I didn’t want to make a new thread…)