Traverse City Thanks

I would like to thank teams 1918 and 141 for being amazing alliance partners this past weekend! This victory could have never been possible without you guys!

1918 - You have always been an inspiration to our team ever since our first event together at Traverse in 2009. Your team always has great robots and energy on and off the field.
Without your scouting data, amazing robot, and team I would not be here typing these words. Thank you for picking us! :slight_smile:

141 - When it came time for us to pick a third alliance partner, we were astounded to find you were still there. You guys easily have one of the best drivetrains in FIRST, and you were the one of the best alliance partners one could ask for!

Congratulations also go out to Team 66 for their Chairmans award win and to Team 141 for their EI win!

Hopefully we can see each other on the field again :slight_smile:

Thank you 201 and 141! It was an excellent event and I’m very glad we could share a victory together! I am very excited for the rest of the season, it’s been a blast and we are only at week 1 so far :smiley: You guys did great too, one great alliance!

Excellent weekend! Thanks 1918 and 141!

See you at the state competition!

1918- you guys have a fantastic machine, as always! I look forward to West MI!
201- you also have a great bot, and some extremely professional members and mentors. See you at states!
Thanks again for everything, from both 1918 and 201. It was the most fun alliance that I can remember!

I won’t forget everybody that made the event happen, from the judges, refs, pit admins, and queing volunteers. Events like this could not happen without all the effort put in by these amazing people!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the warm words, we all appreciate it! You both have amazing machines and awesome teams. It was great to get to know some of you! The feeling of togetherness within our alliance was strong and without doubt contributed to our win! Thank you so much for choosing us to round out your alliance. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you, and it will be an alliance remembered in our team history throughout our years!