Tread Help

We have a tread-ready chassis along with our current wheeled chassis, but our coach purchased a timing belt (from V-Belt Supply) and the actual tread material (from AndyMark) separately. How do we attach these? We don’t want to ruin them, as (for whatever reason) we didn’t buy any extra of either part, and using glue just doesn’t seem like it would be a good idea unless we know it will work. So, how do we attach these parts securely whilst keeping flexibility?

(Any other tread-related tips are also appreciated, as we’re a second-year team and really want to do this right, because the 8-inch wheels on our current chassis are less than ideal.)

The start of Week 6 is a far-from-ideal time to try your hand at custom-engineered tread drive if you expect to drive well–these systems are often fraught with peril when new. Even AndyMark had some teething problems with their off-the-shelf drive system, and they had months to get it production-ready.

What is the problem with your 8" wheeled setup? That’s a pretty common look this year, and I suspect you’ll find better results there.

I have to agree with Billfred here: You simply don’t have time to head down that path at this point. Successful teams let their drivers practice before their first competition (and 100 hours is not enough. Gauge your actions against that statement)

Can you let us help you figure out how to get the wheels working OK? What, exactly is the problem with them? That is very likely lots easier than treads.

Pictures please. We did 2 variations of belts this year

This sounds like the kind of plan that can ruin a season. If you REALLY want these belts and you REALLY want them to work with the andymark stuff, then you need to order from Gates. It won’t be cheap and you won’t get them by bag day, its just not enough time.

If you can drive and cross 1 class of defense you’re fine. Its week 6, so drive a little. :slight_smile:

Hold on now if they said they have a wheeled chassis ready to go I wouldn’t tell them to turn back, a strategic 180 or a hard commit in a strange direction I would advise against but it sounds like they have room to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, so lets not turn them away from it. I would say if you are confident with the wheeled chassis abilities go forth and experiment with tread! Just don’t break your back trying to make it work if you already have something that works.
Anyway I’ll see what I can dig up for you guys we are working with tread too and so far what we have learned is that tension is misery. Keep an eye on the tension in between tests and matches it’ll give your programmers an idea of why things aren’t running as smoothly. Without seeing what kind of belt and pulleys you guys have I have no way of commenting on what your odds are off throwing a track off but always expect the worst in a contact game. Along the lines of the belt I would absolutely try and try and bond the tread and belt with ways that involve adding material to the belt or tread, and not taking material away from the belt or tread. That is just a gut feeling though so I could be wrong.
Again I can’t emphasize this enough you have the room to treat one chassis as a competition serious option, the other chassis should have the emphasis of an off season “I wonder what would happen” kinda project. Just make sure when the time is right you are focusing on the right one.