Tread Tool

Hi, i need help to cut the tread for the 4in Aluminum Wheels from WCP. I do not have the tool and I would like to make it, but I do not know the distance of the 3/16 holes. Do you have the plane or a cad to do it?

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Armabot has you covered:


I am looking for a cad bro, I have to make it

Best I can do


Here’s ours for the SDS 4x1" billet wheels.


Don’t forget the drill bushings like I did.

yea… using the 3.25 inch wheels without the tread jig that’s still on backorder has been an interesting time. We’ve basically tried our best to create our own jig… and since WCP doesn’t provide the wheel hole spacing on any drawing I’ve seen it’s been a real adventure.

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I wonder if the Right to Repair bill that California was considering in 2021 would apply in this case.


We’ve been using the laser eyeball technique to… mixed results.

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