Treads vs. Wheels

Im suprized on the ammount of tread robots i am seeing in the pictures so far. I would have thought wheels would out-weigh treads by a long shot. Just wondering if anyone felt the same way.

I think that treads allow an easy way to climb the steps for a number of teams… that’s why they are seeing so many thus far.

Just a thought.


4 large wheels require a great amount of clearance in addition to a relatively short wheelbase. It’d have a high center of gravity and tipping could easily become a large issue. Treads are a solution to many of these problems though they’re not perfect either.

we have had teads/tracks ever year for 10 or 11 years now. Check out this years.

oh yeah, we would have used treads if we had the resources and time and well… people who actually work.
we’re a rookie team and since our team is completely students and 1 teacher. we chose to use wheels b/c its simpler. or we thought…

Take a look at some of our earlier ones there very easy to put together and they always run great… UNLESS you have to much power and rip them :smiley:

This year for us at team 11…it’s all about the wheels. We have an awesome design that includes the patented “rhino” technique (well it’s not really patented, but it sounds better when you say it). We are able to, with incredbile ease, hop up the 6 inch step. We also have a very long wheel base. How would you do this you say? Well you’ll have to come to Trenton, Chesepeake, or South Carolina to find out…